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It’s a story that began almost 25 years ago. The Jewish School of Montpellier (France) was created by Rabbi Chalom BERROS with the assistance of Mr. Haïm Joseph BENSOUSSAN (Zal) community president and with the support of France’s chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yossef  Chaim  Sitruk (Zatsal).


It started with 5 children. Then, the School, accredited by France’s education ministry, continued to grow. And in 2004, the first high-school classes were inaugurated, and, progressively, intermediate classes were added.


“When you give something for a mitzvah, when you give for education, that investment is eternal. We will find it in this world, because D. always rewards those who do good, but we will also find it in the world to come. It’s our savings. » Rabbi Chalom Berros


Over the years, a solid, competent and caring team has been formed. And, thanks to Hashem, the results at the Brevet level are there for all to see. Over the past 12 years, our students have achieved 100% success and on average more than 80% of excellence rating.

The rate with the mention GOOD or VERY GOOD was 54% for our students, while the national average was 28%. The college obtains the best results in the city, the department and even the region.


With its 80 students, the school brings together and reflects all "the colors of the rainbow." The transmission of our heritage centered on the beautiful values of Torah has always been at the heart of Jewish education. With this as a guiding light, we strive to give each child special attention with the concern of leaving none by the wayside. That is our objective :  success for each and every one.


By joining this project, you are giving them the opportunity to preserve and strengthen their Jewish identity. And you participate today in the development of our youth who will be the Community of tomorrow


“I would just like to show my support for an institution that is really close to my heart, the Beit Yossef and Beit Chalom school, which today is run by Rav Arnoux and a whole extraordinary team. I know, you are solicited, but truly everyone should be able to contribute the maximum of what they can.” Rav Yehia Benchetrit


For the next 60 hours your contribution will be matched

So please join us online at allodons.fr/beityossef


The Jewish school of Montpellier is a little gem, a little miracle, but literally a miracle, in that it can hold fast in our community, small  in number, but big of heart and values.

Rabbi Didier Kassabi

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