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An Illuminated Life - Yechiva of Brunoy support campaign

1947 - Following the intense persecutions of Communist Russia and the horrific tragedies of World War II, Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim was established in Brunoy, France; the city that would host the rekindling of an ancient light.

1997 - The light that had been reduced to but an ember has now begun to steadily grow. The number of bochurim spending their days in the Beis Medrash is increasing, and the Yeshiva is now housed in a new building. 

2015 - Building upon the greatness and nobility of the past, the light now burns even brighter than ever before. Extensive renovations have turned the facilities into a beautiful home, fitting for the light it contains. Its new home is built on the foundations of the past, and continues to draw from those foundations, every single day.

2020 - What began as a small group of a few dozen students in 1947, has now grown to several hundred and counting. The students live all over the world, serving as Rabbis, teachers, and simply active members of their communities. Wherever they may be found, they spread the light of the Yeshiva that fed their fire, the Brunoy Yeshiva.

Today, seasoned Yeshiva Students and those new to Judaism alike join together to learn and grow in the Brunoy Yeshiva. The Yeshiva exudes joy, light and warmth. The fire burns with strength and serenity, impacting the world at large, many times over.

Let us join together to support this flame and enable it to shine even brighter than ever before!

This January 21 - 25, 2021, be a torch bearer, be a luminary, support Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Brunoy.

Donations of $120 or more will automatically grant you entry into 5 exciting raffles (See below for details)


Raffle Details : 

$120+ / 1 entry into the raffle for a dollar from the Rebbe
$250+ / 1 entry into the Grand Prize
$500+ / 3 entries into the Grand Prize
$1000+ / 6 entries into the Grand Prize 
$3,000+ / Sponsor a year of learning for 1 bochur - 18 entries into the Grand Prize
$6,000+ / Sponsor a year of learning for 2 bochurim - 36 entries into the Grand Prize

(All donations above $120 include an entry into the raffle for the Dollar from the Rebbe)

Dollars: A total of 4 dollars of the Rebbe will be raffled off, at random, at the 25%, 50%, 75% and when the campaign reaches its goal!

If the campaign reaches its goal of €1,000,000, the grand prize of €18,000 will be awarded to the lucky winner!

Thank you for your participation, We hope you win!

Rav Mendel Gourevitch
254 206€ collected
Rav Shmouel Brodowicz
59 730€ collected
56 365€ collected
Rav Shimon Lasry
53 680€ collected
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