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Choisir l'Ecole Juive
Choisir l'Ecole Juive
120 000€
With our partners and your donations,
Choisir l'Ecole Juive received
127 411€

Because it is impossible for us to hear this sentence "the Jewish school is not for us, we do not have the means"
For 10 years, we have been supporting families throughout the Jewish school registration process, advising and financially supporting families who need it.
The association Choisir l’Ecole Juive has become a reference in the educational environment and we have saved more than 4000 children

Our vision: access to Jewish school for all !
Transmitting our values, understanding our history and strengthening our Jewish identity

Our goal: to allow children to flourish in a serene environment, regardless of the financial situation of their parents.

200 families in great precariousness, followed by the association Choosing the Jewish School, no longer have the means to enroll their children in Jewish school 👨 👩 👧 👦
Some parents have lost their job, or experienced life accidents and risk giving up on their project.

Because the Jewish school is the greatest gift we can give our children, help us support the most disadvantaged families.

So that every Jew who dreams of enrolling his children in Jewish school can do so, with dignity.
200 families are counting on YOU!
Offer a canteen scholarship = 80 €
Offer one month of tuition = 260 €
Offer a scholarship for a child = 500 €
Become a benefactor member = 1000 €
Offer a year of schooling = 2600 €
Support for a family of 3 children = € 10,000

Thank you all 🙏❤️
Your generosity changes lives!

25 063€ collected
Margot Benyaich Dahan
14 834€ collected
Yedidia Bendriem
6 468€ collected
Benjamin KLEIN
4 024€ collected
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