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Kollel Torat Mena'hem de Rav ZERBIB
Campagne de soutien du Kollel Thorat Menah'em de Rav Y. Zerbib
Campagne de soutien du Kollel Thorat Menah'em de Rav Y. Zerbib
150 000€
Kollel Torat Mena'hem de Rav ZERBIB received
171 570€
La Révolution Française est entre vos mains !

The Kollel Torat Menahem is 30 years of evolution in France!

The French Revolution is still in your hands!

30 years of Torah!

From the "Torat Menachem" Kollel on the outskirts of Paris, Torah flows.

Every day, in the rural atmosphere of the city Yerres, near Brunoy, a group of bochrim and yungerleit from all over the region gather to study Torah.

For the past 30 years, under the dedicated guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Zerbib, Rabbi of the Lubavitch Rabbinical Comity of France, hundreds of members have studied Halacha in a practical way.

To this day there has been 487 members.

Many of them continue on the path of rabbinical ordination and become mentors throughout France and the world.

Over the past year, the Kollel members have studied together for a total of.......22687 hours of Torah learning!

We are striving to double the quantity next year - from strength to strength !

Who’s learning here?

The sons, the son-in-laws, the grandchildren and the brother-in-laws of today, who will become the Mashpiym and rabbis of tomorrow.

And now you can take part in our Torah learning, daily!

Today is worth a year of Torah study.

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