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Les derniers
Help us collect & spread the word of the Last Survivors!
Help us collect & spread the word of the Last Survivors!
140 000€
Les derniers received
155 723€
Witnesses. The last ones : it’s time !

"The last ones" is a serie of short documentaries. In each episode we visit one of the last survivors of the concentration camps. They tell us about their story during WWII but also their life after and the present world. Our project is totally independant and is broadcast freely on our website and on social medias.

"The last ones" is financed by foundations and philantropists. The estimated budget for an episode starts at 5000 euros.

For any donation over 150€, your name will be on the thank you page on which the series will be freely accessible.

For any donation of 350 € your name on the credits at the end of an episode and receive the autographed book in its bag "the last"

For any donation of 1000 € you are a sponsor of the series and your name appears at the beginning of an episode Time is running out more than ever.

The more money we raise the more episodes we ll be able to produce, hopefully internationally. So far we did 25 and we are working on english subtitles. Contact us if you have any question through our facebook page.

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