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Yeshiva Torat Israël - Rav Yankel Abergel
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Yeshiva Torat Israël - Rav Yankel Abergel
ישיבת תורת ישראל - הרב ינקל 'אברג'ל
With our partners and your donations,
Yeshiva Torat Israël - Rav Yankel Abergel received
To build the Torah of today and tomorrow

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The Foundation for a Better World works for the spread of the Torah throughout the world, and for the support of large families (mainly) of Erets Israel. Our watchwords are Torah & Hessed. Just as we give our life for you and your children, be there for us and join us so that we continue this fight that we save the children from Hashch that we approach the Geoula.

Rav Chaim Kaniesvki told those who support Torat Israel and the For a Better World foundation that they will be blessed by all of the thora's brahotites and are fully associated with bringing the children of Hashem to their father. Thanks to you we continue, and you receive all the infinite merits. All of which are doubled for 48 hours! To make a donation, nothing could be simpler!

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A small overview of our many actions: Unique Yeshiva Torat Israel of its kind: A yeshiva with a heart and a love for the student: close contact with the student, small numbers for personalized construction. As in a family, each student is unique. Today the torah is accessible everywhere but what is missing is listening and monitoring for a real authentic construction.

The students can identify with us because we are young close to us and we have gone through the same tests. Organization of conferences and Shiourim with more than 3000 people around the world each year (Europe, France, Erets Israel, United States, Canada ...). Shiourim in Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Communities, families, yeshivotes and seminars. Full Shabbat organizations: in the communities of France and Erets Israel with young and old Daily Shiourim emailing to over 5,400 people worldwide Edition and distribution of several thousand Torah books (A few Drops of Light for Eternity & A Drop of Light to illuminate the day), tens of thousands of CDs of Shiourim Support from Talmide "Ha’hamim by the payment of scholarships: Kolel Rabbi Moshé Halioua (Bné Brak), Kolel Rabbi Yamine Tolédano, Yeshivat Keter Shlomo. Support for large families during the holidays: Operation Passover Package ", Operation 10 days from Techouva (Kaparote, etc.). Tens of thousands of Shekalim donated to help with basic needs. Support for newlyweds, aid for basic marriage needs (Ah’nassat Kala): many homes have been founded thanks to the precious support of the Foundation, B’H. Help for underprivileged children to buy Tefiline Support for young people (girls and boys) who wish to devote a year of Yeshiva or Seminary and who cannot afford it. Thanks to which they take a start in life and bases to found their home. Several dozen people have already been saved thanks to your generosity.

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