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SSF- Rescuers Without Borders
Toghether with SSF-Rescuers Without Borders
Toghether with SSF-Rescuers Without Borders
150 000€
SSF- Rescuers Without Borders received
111 653€
SSF-Sauveteurs Sans  Frontières

qDear friends,
Thank you for your support of SSF-Hatzalah. Because of you, we have been able to fund many projects, including emergency rescue operations, medical care, community services and training.
You are a major link in this wonderful chain of solidarity that is expressed through rescue and first aid. We are doing God's work together, from all over the world.
Today, we have a situation.
SSF's 1777 volunteer rescuers need your help.
Our rescuers are on the job day and night, and they can be raised at any time. They often put their life on the line to rescue and treat. They also help where natural disasters strike, and they give first aid to the survivors.
Our rescuers are bona fide heroes, and they are always available to help everyone. Let's give them the means to keep helping. We need to keep outfitting them with first aid kits.
Simply put, if their first aid kits are depleted, our rescuers will no longer be able to save lives.
Let's keep doing our share toward a more humane world, a world where we all help one another.
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Thank you very much!


Monsieur Arié Lévy
19 514€ collected
40 000€
Sophie et Prosper OHAYON
6 162€ collected
15 000€
Monsieur Gérard DERAY
3 772€ collected
40 000€
Alexandre SAMAMA
3 700€ collected
10 000€
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