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Fonds de soutien
Kollel Dayanout TAL OROT
400 000€
With our partners and your donations,
TAL OROT received
1 647 518₪
Kollel Dayanout TAL OROT

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first donation campaign for the KOLLEL DAYANOUT TAL OROT in Lyon Villeurbanne France under the aegis of Harav Hagaon Yihyia TEBOUL Chlita. More than 10 Avreikhim and baalei batim are learning full time within the kollel Dayanout which will allow them to become the posske halakha of tomorrow. TAL OROT has the ambition to evolveby hiring new members who will give a new breath to the Kollel. Developing a real project with unlimited ambitions, TAL OROT trains and prepares the next generation of Dayanim with a systematic approval from Guedolai Israel like our Richon Letsion Harav Hagaon Itshak Yossef Chlita or Harav Hagaon Chlomo AMAR Chlita in Yerouchalaïm who delivered in 2017, the first diplomas to the Avreikhim after an exam on the laws of Shekhita (ritual slaughter).

To have the privilege of evolving in an authentic place of Torah, of discovering the true greatness of the accomplishment of each mitzvah, of being permanently connected with the learning of the holy texts, of living in tune with the Jewish calendar through the celebrations beautifully animated, this is what TAL OROT has been producing every day for over 20 years.

The perspective of being associated to every day’s torah learning naturally gives rise to a new ambition in everyone's heart so that our Judaism takes on a new meaning and a new dimension.

TAL OROT is also to show to our beautiful youth the true look that we must have in life and for life, to make each moment depend on divine providence in order to catch a glimpse of the Hand of Hashem which for millennia has been leading us with infinite Love.

Today, TAL OROT needs you and is innovating with its first Allodons campaign which will allow everyone to become a true partner from € 1. So everyone can participate and make a contribution. This campaign will take place on Sunday January 17, Monday January 18 and Tuesday January 19, 2021.

By giving, you forge even stronger ties with the Torah and the Mitzvot. This will undoubtedly accelerate the near arrival of Machiah Tsidkenou. In advance Many thanks to you who, with a single click, can help us even more today

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